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Oh, and get this!

I forgot to meantion that I went to the 12:01am showing in the weeee hours of the morning(there's a good song for you), and I have some crazy-ass friends. Jones, Rohde and some other kid(they met him in line) did a choreographed lightsaber fight! They did it for the audience of the sneakpreview showing (7:30pm) and then they did it for FOX news @ 10. Okay, did you see them on tv? Crazy, huh? Very cool, though.. in a strange way. :-P Jackie was there since 1pm, Dan & Rohde were there since, what? 2:30ish? And Jones was there at about 5pm. Okay, I didn't get their 'til 'round 8pm. So totally late! :-P
My friends are so great. :-)
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