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Last, last, last...

I'm going to start having all my "lasts" now... Like, today is my last day of classes and my last Friday in Rochester... And tomorrow is my last Saturday... last PosterMaking of the quarter... etc, etc... but I'm going to make the best of it, dammit!!!! And next year in UC 168 will be SOOOO AWESOME!!!! :-) Yes, I've joined "ATCPLIUC"(All The Cool People Live In University Commons)... hehehe... I should probably not be late for my last day of classes... hehe...


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May. 17th, 2002 07:50 am (UTC)
I'll be in UC 191... most likely the new BCS party location for next year... feel free to stop by next year.
May. 17th, 2002 08:36 am (UTC)
Apartment Shmapartment
I actually could have gotten into a UC apartment if I really wanted to. I had the opportunity to join some of the guys in EGS....

but I turned it down because I myself don't feel like I'm ready to handle an apartment as of yet. First, you get roommates that you have to get along with, or else apartment life is going to be tougher. Second, you have more chores and tasks to do. Witb more limited meal options (ie, no Gracie's) then you have to go and buy food for yourself, cook it, and try and keep a balanced healthy diet (ie, fruits and veggies) along with the rest of the food. Third, transportation needs will increase at an apartment. A car will be your best friend and if you don't have one, then you have to rely on your roommates, and that can be burdensome sometimes.

So what I'm doing is getting a single room in Gibson 3A next year. It will remind me more of my room back home (my room back home isn't that big, but it's mine so I'm used to the size), gives me a chance to spread out more without having a roommate, and allows me to bring more of MY STUFF to campus. :) Plus, being registered with LDC, I don't PAY single room rates, I pay it as if I DID have a roommate. And to think, they came to ME with this offer!

But I still think apartment life is neat, I just don't feel like I need the rush to get there so soon. I'll get there Junior year, maybe find a way into a UC living area, and then take it from there. But even though I won't be LIVING in UC, I'll still be hanging around there a lot since most of the EGS members and officers are going to be there. In fact, one of the UC rooms is going to be all EGS members/officers living in it. We'll probably get together to do EGS work over there, or just get together and play video games till our brains go mushy. :)

I'll see if I can pop by and see if any RITSMA folk are doing fun stuffs over there. UC's pretty big (been over there a couple of times), but the rooms are nice and have that "Apartment style hotel" smell. (very nice)

Just cause I'm staying in the dorms again doesn't mean I'm not going to see you all again. I'm just going to have to walk farther to do it. :D

Well, back to finals preparation for me! Ciao!

~Steve the Nosy
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