Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Hello from Greece....

New York. :-P The hotel is pretty nice! I was hoping to find a computer with internet access around here someplace... it is slow this morning @ the hotel and not really a "business" travel day, so no one waiting (yet!).... also most are sleeping (it's 9am even though this computer says it's 6am.. no way am I getting up THAT early! Mike is still sleeping, so I came down here to find something interesting to do. :-)

We JUST made it to Commencement yesterday... got to RIT at about 3:50... then had to park in friggen J lot (by the GCCIS building) and then took one of those Golden Memories busses... they look like limos on the inside... I even say next to the bar.... oh-la-la! The ceremony was great and Dean Kamen (sp) even came in on a Segway(sp)... very cute. :-P

(of all keys to stick on this keyboard... the E!)

His speech was very good... and the student speaker was a kid that went to my elementary school... we used to have play dates together... lol.... he did a great job. I was proud! But not proud enough to go to the GCCIS graduation this morning at 8:30. x.X

What else? Oh, yeah, we spent some time in 158 (goodbye 158!) playing cards.. but not much furniture there, so just sat on the floor... everyone's moving out... I don't know who is going to be there next year. *sigh* We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner... even though we had reservations for 8, we weren't seated until 8:30 and Mike and I didn't get out of there 'til after 10!!! =-O They waiter was pretty awesome -- he kept bringing the Cokes! I think I drank 12. :-P lol... the swordfish was very good. And a big thanks to Mr. Pearce and Mr. Haun for picking up the bill!

Gotta go check some other websites... (like neopets *shame*)... Ttyl, peeps! Text me through LJ if you want to do something this afternoon or whatever, Rochesterians. :-)
Tags: life, rit, travel
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