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Stupid, stupid, stupid Senior Night. Well, atleast the people that are "in charge" of senior night. What a bunch of dolts. How many times must I explain that the Interfaith Center isn't part of the SAU? And to boot, they went and locked me out. The doors were locked as well as the ones to Fireside. I tried to explain that the lockage of our doors before our building hours are over is definitely a fire hazzard, but this is Sue Froh we are talking about(dear God, I hope she doesn't see this :-O ). I had a nice, britsh campus safety officer(with a nice ass) unlock the door for me. ... I would have been all about leaving extra early, but my stuff was still in here... All I needed was a breath of fresh air... it's so stuffy in here today. :-/ :-P So that's the story, folks.


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May. 17th, 2002 07:57 pm (UTC)
Oh ho?
:raises head out of Physics book temporarily:

So you had a chance to meet Sue Froh then huh?

Yup, we've had our talks with her as well concerning the game room in the SAU. Word of advice: know who Sue Froh's boss is. If you can't convince that locking the doors is a bad idea, then go to the person above her, cause otherwise, she can cause all sorts of trouble. (and locking you out intentionally?, ooooohhhh, that's going to cost her). I also recommend taking this to the folks with Interfaith since they should know about that too. After all, she's muscling in on your territory, and I don't think that's right. Just because the Interfaith Center is connected to the SAU doesn't make it part of the SAU. The Student Union is not a church, and the church is not the Student Union.

If you'd like, I can dig up the guy who's Sue Froh's boss. If she gave you a hard time because you were in the right there (after all, you were only doing your job) then I suggest a formal complaint. Did the doors stay unlocked after the campus safety guard opened the door, or did Sue Froh have them locked again? This doesn't seem like something to take lightly. After all, you were at work and had to do your job. You still had office hours, so I assume you or some others at Interfaith were still working. It just doesn't seem right to me.

By the way, have you ran into Sue Froh before? I myself haven't interacted with her too much, but some of the higher E-board officers at EGS have, and they've told stories about stuff from this year.

Oh well, enough griping. Back to work. :digs head back into PHysics book:

~Steve the Nosy
May. 18th, 2002 06:42 am (UTC)
I used to hate Sue. She's one of these people who comes of as bitchy and power hungry. She's stuborn and mean unless she knows you. Somehow she started to 'know' me after she took over the music room suvervision. She yelled at me for having my cat in the hallway down by the music room, and I was like, 'uh oh... here comes Sue Froh, we're in for a scolding now!' and she did scold. But then she pulls out her palm pilot and showed me the digital picture of HER cat. She's been nice ever since then. Kinda weird.

I think she gets a bad rep from people because she hardly ever comprimises on things she's already decided about... or things that someone above her gave orders on. You can't really blame her, but she could be nicer about it.

Her boss, by the way, is probably still Mike D'Arkangelo.... you'll hear horor stories about him too!

My favorite one is "You could stable the form you want signed to his forhead... and he would take out a pair of scissors and cut eye holes in it so he could look you in the eyes when he said innocently 'what form?'"
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