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End of my birthday weekend

Mike and I took off out of Rochester in the morning after breakfast at the hotel (the whole breakfast-with-Adam's-family thing didn't work out). We stopped for gasoline and chocolate milk and then we were on our way to CANADA! Woo! Driving/Border Crossing/Getting to Niagara-On-The-Lake was all very simple and easy. I exchanged about $60 US at the border (I was very close to what I needed!).
Went directly to the Shaw Festival Theatre to pick up our tickets (I was so afraid we'd lose our seats) when we got to town. The tickets had *just* been printed and weren't even divided into the little roledex thingy yet. lol. I think it was about 11:30. Show @ 2, doors at 1:30. So we had some time to kill. We drove around Niagara-On-The-Lake until we found a un-regulated parking space in the shade. It was about 2 blocks off the main street and then about 7 blocks down to where the theatre was. Nice location, no flat fee, no worrying about meters, no getting towed/having to pay large fines. All very dandy.

The town is full of little shops and we had a good time checking them all out. There was a shop called "Shiny!" which had lots of jewelry, precious stones, gems, geodes, and various other "ethnic art things". A few tourist-type shops... I got a key chain for my collection. A shop FULL of different teas and coffees... art galleries... "theme" shops... variations on the "spend your money here" type shops and the "things are really expensive because we don't really want to move inventory, just show stuff off" type shops. Watched the fudge-makers in the fudge shop for a while... started salivating... that was when we decided we should start figuring out where to eat. We ended up eating at a little place that was downstairs of one of the shops (or maybe it was an inn?). Great food! I had a burger with Canadian Bacon (what else?) & Cheddar cheese and Mike had some variation on Bacon on a sandwhich. Yummy. After lunch, we darted back to the fudge shop to pick up a slice of chocolate-peanut butter-fudge and then we headed over to the Festival Theatre.

We had really great seats! Although, I think all the seats in the theatre were pretty good. Unfortunately my allergies were killing me at this point, but after about 30 minutes of being inside the theatre, they subsided. We saw Arms and the Man which was a simply delightful romp through Western Europe. :-P A very funny (hilarious at times) story which was almost Shakespearian in nature due to the humor being that each character didn't quite know what was going on. :-P Great set, costumes, acting was super, etcera. I definitely want to go back. Probably won't happen 'til next year, though.

After the show, we were feeling pretty beat from all the walking and the driving of the morning, so we found the car (not that difficult!) and said goodbye to Niagara-on-the-Lake by driving around the other end of the town that we didn't walk by and looking at the water and the condos they are building. :-P

Mike looked at the map and figured out a more direct scenic route for us to take to the hotel. Drove through "wine country" and past a lot of fruit stands and such. None were quite tempting enough to get me to stop, though. :-P Found the hotel easily enough, and we got ourselves all checked in (how we carried all that stuff in one trip is beyond me) and settled into the room. I decided I didn't want to be scared out of my wits on my birthday, so no ghost tour for us. Instead, we adventured around the hotel (actually, convention center... pretty large!).

We explored everything, and then we went (lol) Bowling. We did pretty horribly... well, I did horribly. I think Mike hit about 120+ or something on the second game.. but it was fun looking at all the bowling balls they had with 4 holes or that were obviously mistakes from some pro shop somewhere. :-P And who knows what the weights were because most of them weren't marked. Maybe the ones that were marked were in Kilos because we couldn't quite find balls that were right. Yeah, we'll blame our scores on the balls. :-P

After bowling, we walked over to the J.J.Knapp's (I think that's what it's called) that was in the hotel. They had a special just for my birthday! haha... Filet Migenon... that was to DIE for... beautifully cooked, presented, etc. Very yummy. I had a glass of Cabernet Franc which went nicely with the filet, but I will never have it again. I don't know why I am trying to talk myself into liking red wines! Silly. Mike got a burger of some sort and we had a slice of cherry cheesecake with 2 forks for dessert. Yum. I was surpised we kept our eyes open through dinner, though... we were exhausted.

Monday morning, we started out for Niagara Falls (after stopping at McD's for breakfast sandwhiches since we were disappointed by the selection at Tim Hortons).... by simply following signs. Worked out pretty well. On the Canadian side, we found some parking and walked around the "strip" area... very touristy of us. We checked out the Hershey Store (why did I leave my camera in the car??) and this cheesy Marvel arcade (sorry, dear, it was cheesy). We also wandered in a few shops... one FULL of Mounty gear... Mike found a hat that matched his mounty shirt EXACTLY, so of course, we had to buy it. :-) After that, we attempted to figure out how to see the falls and such, but just ended up driving around (seeing the falls out the window) and then going over to the US side... via the rainbow bridge. Sat for about 45 minutes waiting to go through... once up there the guy asked us about 3 questions and that was it. Our trip in Canada was uneventful.. didn't even need birth certificates! d'oh. e.e

The US side was MOBBED. MOBBED. M.O.B.B.E.D. So, we decided we should probably just hit the road. Stopped at a Wilson Farms to get water (we were out! =-O) and got bill cosby would call a drinks and "show". A mentally-incapacitated probably homeless man was rambling on and on and on... it was amusing in that 'omg get me out of here' kinda way. :-P

The drive home was uneventful, too. We stopped in Bath, NY at the BK for lunch at about 2pm. We were home by 7, methinks. Dropped Mike's stuff off at his place, where it was about 110deg in his room (don't really know the thermostat was off the chart), and then took 2 cars back to my house. Unloaded my car, and then watched some LOST. That's it.
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