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I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished today. But I did! We(Ryan Doherty and I) finished our PowerPoint slides for tomorrow. And then I finished commenting in my JAVAdocumentation and then I zipped the whole thing up(with a short ReadMe file, too) and sent it of to the FirstClass drop box.
Then I called my parents... we got a lot sorted out about getting me home and stuff. I'm going to miss everyone here SOOO FREAKING much.... But I'm starting to realize that I'll live and that coming back will just be so awesome that it will make it worth it. And I made 1.70 off of redemption of bottles, too. Go NY! :-)

Searching for "the" is a bad idea! :-P

And now just thinking about trying to pack up everything in my room is becoming a bit overwhelming... I mean, I can do it... but I don't want to think about it... :-/
Gah. Blah. bah. right... yeah... I think that's the end of this post.
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