Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


New icon! I made it tonight. It makes me sad that this is the only thing I've finished this year. And it's half-way through June. *sigh* I need to stitch more or smaller thing.. or something. I like completeing things.

In other stories, Adam is trying to get Mike and I to go Contra dancing (to which Mike said something like... about as much chance as a snowball suriving in hell), we are *almost* caught up on LOST (only the season finale left and Mike will be a caught-up convert!), realized that people that don't like being connect to each other still have bizarre connections, caught up on Monk so that we can watch it when it premieres in a month, and I ate 1 meal today (how very Heather of me).

Also, I am tired, but I think I am going to attempt to read another chapter of The Magician's Nephew.
Tags: icon
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