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Central PA = water

So, right I am supposed to be at my voice lesson. But no. I tried to go to my voice lesson via a route completely out of the way but not known to be flooded, but the road had *just* flooded (i.e. townsfolk standing around saying, "hey lookie there.. there's water on the road.. hmmmm.") and it was deep enough that I was NOT driving thorough it. I called Roger to let him know that I was not driving 10 miles out of the way to be 20 minutes late. :-P We're going to reschedule later. *sigh*

So, my mom has been trying to figure out how to pick up Liz from work at 10:30 tonight... waters are just continuing to rise, so it looks like she will be doing the 10-miles out of the way thing. Oh, joyous joys.

This, fortunately does not affect my route to work. *sigh*
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