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Yesterday was Saturday. Also the first full day of my 4 day weekend. WOOOOO

I slept in. Then I played on the computer most of the day (yes, neopets) and fiddled around in general. Then I cleaned up my room (tidied and vacuumed). I added some stuff to the "hope chest" that is my entire closet. :-P I also vacuumed and cleaned the chair that I go from my grandparents house. It's already covered with stuff. :-P Who needs tables or bookshelves when you've got chairs? :-P I finished reading The Horse and His Boy (from the Chronicles of Narnia) and started Price Caspian (also from the Chronicles). *yea* reading! I can't believe how I could stop reading for such a long time! Reading is awesome!

We had hamburgers for dinner. Yum. Mike came over after work and we watched Monk DVDs and had ice cream sundaes.

Today I read the lessons and intoned Psalm 30. We didn't have communion because one of our lay people lead the service. It was surprisingly not shorter than usual... hmmm.. SANDY! Shorter sermons!!! :-P But it was good. Then I carried the alter flowers out to the car for an elderly couple.. and the husband tipped me a dollar coin! :-P So, I ran inside and put it in the offering. hehe. I'm singing a Mendelssohn piece in church next week.. it's from St. Paul, but I can't remember the name. Something about the Lord. :-P The recitive at the beginning is .. challenging... so I've gotta work on that this week.

I think I'm going in the basement now since it is H-O-T hot even with the a/c on. ugh.
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