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Well, this is it.

Here I go. I have about 9 hours left in Rochester.... and most of that is going to be spent either packing or doing other really boring stuff... excluding the final that I have at 7am. I'm going to miss Discrete Math soooo much! I don't know what to do. :-O I hope I don't finish the final too early... and if I do, I'm going to be going over it for like, half an hour.....
After the final, I'm going to sell back my books. The only one that I'm keeping from the ENTIRE year is my LitI & II book. It's the only one that I can see myself reading again... with the internet now-a-days I barely even used the ones for computerConcepts.. websites are so much more informative and more easy to navigate. Book! bah. :-P
It's going to be some kinda feat getting all of my crap packed up. I'm leaving my computer on 'til the last possible moment... so message me while you still can. My mom was using away messages last night.... she was away for about an hour! :-O I hope she's not just wasting precious online time... (this is the sediment when you are on a limited dial-up plan... my parents are cheap, go figure).
There was something else that I was going to say, but I don't remember what. I'm tired and I think I'm going to start crying... I said good bye to all my friends last night(and the days before that) and I was fine, no tears or anything... but now 45 minutes before my last final, I'm going to break down???? no. I'll wait and cry myself to sleep in my nice Full bed when I get home. Sounds reasonable. Maybe I'll even pop Les Mis into my STEREO!!! to fall asleep to. I could do that you know, leave music on all night... :-) I think I'm finally ready for a much needed break..... from Acedemics, mostly but I'll get what I can take... and I'll be back earlier than everyone else... I'm probably moving in the 23rd... I should go talk to people about that today... offical type-people... and right now I should eat some breakfast type-food.. :-)
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