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Lookie here...

Looks like it's time for me to post again... I'm trying to keep up with all the busy stuff I've been doing... hahaha. j/k.
Lindsay and I went out this evening... we saw Insomnia. It was very good... I forgot a movie could be good without lots of thinks blowing up... although, there was lots of blood and shooting... some of the camera work was starting to make me dizzy... I think that was the point, though. The main character, played by Al Pacino, hadn't slept for about 6 days by the end of the movie... hence the title. :-P Anyway, it was good... and it was fun hanging out with Lindsay... I'm going to get to see her a lot at work this summer... she's working as an usher/actress at the new 3DShow at Chocolate World... I'm sure she gets paid less than I will with my new position... but she's having fun and building her resume... No fair. :-P heheh.... Anyway... what else.... I'm bored here, so I've been snacking a lot so far... I have to stop that. I need to find something to keep me occupied when I'm not doing anything.... I should start reading the third book of the LotR trilogy... I think I started it a few weeks ago, but I onlyl got about 3 pages in... I should start over. That would make sense. :-P And I want to redesign my website at some point.. use ImageReady and may be Dreamweaver... do some fancy stuff with rollovers. Something fun yet practical and useful... :-P And now I'm rambling... but I don't care 'cuz I'm using my keyboarding skills... and I haven't done that for a while(well, more like 2 days, but it feels like longer).



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