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Yep... So far, I have actually been doing stuff today! Yea me! :-P This morning my sister's silly friend called at 8am! :-O Who uses the telephone at an un-Godly hour such as that?!??! Needless to say, when the phone rang, I woke up... and then heard my sister give incorrect directions to our house... beats me how they got here.. :-P Anyway, then I went back to sleep 'til my alarm went off at 10am. So then I got up and cleaned up my floor... I'm still working on getting my floor not to be covered with stuff from school... it will be a miracle when it actually happens. :-P Then I wandered downstairs and had an apple for breakfast....oooh.. fruit. :-) And then I practiced piano... I'm currently working on 2 songs, "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter(It will be so cool to be able to play John Williams! \/\/007! Thanks, Dan!)... and "Java"... um... I know that the Muppets did the second one... I don't remember the composers... I think there are three credited. *shrug*... And I cleaned out my 'fridge, but my parents don't know where we are going to put it 'til the end of the summer... oh well.. Then went to my sister's baseball game... it was an awesome game! They lost by one run... but apparently it was the best game they had all season.. the score kept going back and forth.. back and forth... Liz made some awesome plays, too. :-) Then my mom and I went shopping... went to Wal*Mart and got some new Khakis... stopped at Chocolate World and got my new shirts... oooh.. they are pretty! Maybe I will use my parents digital-piece-of-crap-camera to put some pictures up here.. but later... we are already 7 hours over our online time... My mom wants to upgrade to 90 hours a month!! YEA!!! :-) More later. :-)
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