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Liz was supposed to pack up my mom's Mini-van so they could leave early on Friday morning to move her into her on-campus apartment. Unfortunately, Mom's car's alternator(or something) decided to die leaving her and Albert stranded at the High school. Oops. Car needed to be put on a tow truck and taken to the dealership for repairs. It wouldn't be done 'til Friday night. Oops, again. So, Liz still needed to move in to K-town the next day! haha. she wanted to rent a u-haul. lol. Anyway, weren't sure how much stuff would fit in Dad's Volvo. I volunteered my car and there was much debate as to how much of her stuff would fit in my car (where the back seat doesn't go down) verses Dad's car where the back seat does go down. My car "won" the debate and they loaded 'er up. The only thing that she couldn't take with her was the mini-fridge. haha. I win.

I still think of Friday as part of the weekend. Anyway, since Dad had lots of stuff to do around the house, and Mom and Albert and Liz were taking my car (that's right - all Liz's stuff, and 3 people, in my car. BooYah!), I got to drive the Volvo to work! Talk about style. Although, that car is DEFINITELY a man's car. Nowhere at all for my purse. :-P But cool because it made my co-workers jealous. :-D hehe. Anyway, that night Mom and Albert were home for dinner and Mike came over, too. We had chicken and (saffron) rice. Mike and I watched SG-1, SGAtlantis, Monk (season finale) and Psych(season finale). All our Friday shows won't be on next week, which is good since Mike has to work anyway. Nice how some things work out.

Woke up at 9 to AN AIR COMPRESSOR GOING OFF IN OUR FRONT HALLWAY! DEAR-LORD-I-ALMOST-HAD-A-HEART-ATTACK. Damn, those things are LOUD! Scared the ba-jeezes right out of me. So, then I was awake. Fiddled on the computer for a while, took a shower and then vacuumed the basement and helped Albert shake out the drop cloths that Dad and Rick(handyman) had been using around the house. The basement will be COMPLETELY FINISHED as soon as the guys come to install the stove for down there. It will be nice having a real space for living! Saturday afternoon we were invited to the 1st Annual Trail Road End of Summer Celebratory Pig Roast! Our neighbor actually dug a hole in the ground and roasted an entire pig (okay, 2 halfs). YUMMMMMMY. I am not normally a pork-lover, but this is the way to go. Everyone brought a covered dish and there was not just an array of "picnic food" (pasta salad, potato salad -which I don't like) but LOTS OF AWESOME STUFF.. bean dip (tried to get the recipe, and failed), home-made italian bread sticks, baked beans(not from a can), oh and lots of stuff I can't remember. Good desserts, too. Someone made rice krispie treats! Those were good to see. They had butterscotch in them. Yum. Top it all off with a Keg of Birch Beer and a Keg of Yuengling Lager - what a party! We were glad we walked. LOL. Can you get arrested for public drunkeness if you are in the middle of woods that you own? hehe. Got to talk to lots of neighbors that we hadn't talked to for 10 years or so. It was definitely a good time. We ate lunch AND dinner there. :-) Fun! Saturday night I played on the computer and I worked on some cross stitch.

No church. Again. Also, Pastor Linda is on vacation (again) and I wasn't feeling the whole supply-pastor thing. (or as someone said "Substitute Pastor" hehe) So, attempted to sleep in... didn't work (only 'til about 8am) and then I got up and played on the computer. It was finally raining! *yea* no more drout-like conditions! But it was SO FRIGGEN HUMID! I don't know why I bothered showering, I don't think I ever completely dried off. Eew. Helped Dad and Albert clean out the garage a bit (hard to do without moving things outside into the rain), but I think they ended up getting it pretty well off. I had an allergy attack around noon, so that was it for me. Albert and I were supposed to go to the library to turn in our Summer Reading materials, but we didn't get around to it. Better do it on Tuesday or else! Mike came over around 3:45 and we went to Lindsay's party! *yea* more parties! Mike & Lindsay got to meet for the first time! And Jen was there, too, so there was more "finally meeting" going on. :-) We had a great time, and even though the party was over at 8, we stayed 'til about 10 or so. When we got back to my house, turned out that Mike's front driver-side tire is COMPLETELY FLAT - beyond repair... the tire wall is bleeding air. So, I drove him home, and his car is going to have to sit in our driveway until Tuesday when he has the whole day off and can deal with waiting around for AAA and then getting a tire put on someplace cheap (he's checking prices today - hopefully something used).
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