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Got home from work and there was a party at my house! Grandma, Grandfather, and Carol were there.... and they picked up Liz on the way from New Jersey, so everyone was around! *yea* We hung around and chatted and such. Dinner was all my least favourite foods (german potato salad, pork, corn-on-the-cob). :-P But for dessert there was German apple cake, so all was well. :-) Um, none of our "friday" shows were on and Mike had to work anyway, so not much going on in the evening. Work was pretty much exhausting, so I went to bed early.

Saturday I didn't shower or leave the house all day! It was fabulous. I played on the computer (mostly trying to beat the rpg game on neopets - it is very similar to the early FF games) and worked on some cross stitch and hung out with the family. Not much to report here. Dinner was meatloaf and mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. Yummy! That definitely made up for the crap-tastic food the night before. lol. More doing nothing in the evening and then going to bed early again. I will say that I washed a llooooooot of dishes this weekend!

I was lector in church, Albert was wine server, and Mom was assistant minister. It was another fantastic Germann-Family Sunday @ Shells! e.e I really wish she wouldn't do that. Anyway, I flubbed my way through the readings and the psalm (just read it, we had a substitute organist). Geez, it was like I all-of-a-sudden forgot how to read! Arg, that rarely happens, but when it does, it is really frustrating. So, when we were done with church, I called Mike and he was supposed to come straight over for lunch. We got home, got lunch ready (10 people for lunch due to Adam(Liz's bf) & Mike! dude!) and sat down... after Mike was 30 minutes late, I was freaking out... couldn't get a hold of him at all and after he was 90 minutes late... he comes down the driveway. Apparently after I hung up the phone, he promptly fell asleep. :-P That's what he gets for going to the earliest church service! But I was worried sick, so he needs to not do that anymore. :-P

Then after a bit of getting ready and figuring out who would go in what car and such, we all piled into numerous vehicles and headed for downtown Harrisburg for the Kipona Festival. Kipona is Native American for "sparkling water". Every labor day weekend they have a this in harrisburg along the susquhana river and it is really a lot of fun. Musicians of all types and arts and crafts vendors... food vendors (lots of these), carnival rides(that look like child-sized death traps), all manners of "fun stuff". So, we spent most of the after noon wandering around and not getting lost (thank goodness for cell phones!). Mostly Mike and I wandered by our selves and then we met up with the rest later. Adam and Liz took off around 4pm to go to some picnic thing, and the rest of us met up (at which point the Kettle Korn I bought was severely diminished) and wandered together through the sponsor booths. I think Albert's pockets were full of various kinds of candies by the time we got through that section.

Then we decided to walk to The Firehouse Restaurant... great food! Mine was very spicy, but good. Mike had... a burger. e.e :-P After that we finally made the decision to stay for fireworks! Mom, Albert, & the NJ gang went back to save us a good spot and Mike, Dad, and I went back to the cars to get the chairs and blankets and such and move one of the cars closer so that Grandma and Grandfather wouldn't have so much walking afterwards. Woo. Mike got a taste of my dad's city driving skills. No one died, but, it was a bit frightening. :-P 25mph down a very narrow alley that I probably would have taken at about 5mph. hehe. But, no one died, and we ended up getting a space pretty close after driving around for a good 15 minutes.

We lugged the chairs and such and met up with Mom. Then found the most PERFECT SPOT! It was directly across from city island and no trees to block our view of the skies! Wonderful. We set up and had just enough room for all of our chairs to be in a line. We were one chair short, so Albert and I switched off sitting on the blanket. For the fireworks show, I just ended up using Mike's legs as a backrest. Very comfy. Except that when I tried to get up later, my legs were asleep... and I needed some help. hehe. The fireworks were AMAZING! as usual. Some new types, too! Albert knows all the names, but I can never remember. Some were in shapes like spirls, triangles, squares, hearts, etc. It will not be long until they are spelling things with them. The whole thing was cooreographed to music - they did a great job with that, but a strange assortment of songs... National Anthem, theme from Battlestart Gallactica (which Mike recognized, but he could have been the only one in the city who did. lol), Let's Get it Started (black eyed peas), 2 other hiphop-type songs, a country-type song, a latino-type song, I Hope You Dance, and then ended with another patriotic tune mixed with the BG theme. It was extremely well done. I give it a 10/10. :-) It was also the first time Grandma saw fireworks in person in about 40 years. DUDE. She was majorly impressed and now likes them. *yea* for trying new things! Everyone had a good time.

We got back to the house and had coffee and dessert (which was whatever was left from previous nights and random stuff from the cabinet). Shortly there after, Mike went home since he had to work on Monday (afternoon shift, though). I, however, didn't have to go to work on Monday, so I played games on my computer before I went to bed.

Slept in a bit, got up and helped with making breakfast (pancakes a la Elizabeth and Bacon a la the box). Last meal with the visitors! The table seemed empty since there was only 8 of us. Hehe. Breakfast was very yummy and even included a freshly picked cantalope from our garden! It was kinda hard, but had a good flavor. Yup. The visitors left around noon and then I played games pretty much for the rest of the day. We had an early dinner of sausage sandwhiches and then Mom and Dad brought Liz back to school (along with more of her stuff). I tore myself away from the computer long enough to finish a small x-stitch I was working on and get some work in on a few other projects I've got going. I watched Snow Dogs on the Disney channel while I was stitching. Mom and Dad got home around 10. We watched some of the William Shatner roast (omg dirty jokes) and then I went to bed around midnight. Ironic that the latest night of the weekend was the day before I had to go back to work. *sigh*

SO, that was my long weekend! And, thankfully a long weekend means a short week.
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