Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Entry. Please Submit. :-P

Today was my first day of actual business back in PA. :-O I had a dentist appointment this moring... (see? Clean teeth! :-D ) I got a pretty new toothbrush. Then I went to my first day back at work...I got a big locker! Number "W1" if anyone cares. :-P And I was fortunate enough(sense the sarcasm) to work in Souveniers... I better get used to it.... sounds like I'm going to be an Area Coordinator for that area. It's not so bad... but I was not distracted from the pain coming from my feet... or my stomach when my lunch break wasn't scheduled 'til 3pm(and I hadn't eatten since 8:30am!!)..... but it wasn't too bad.. got to work with Doug(he's a barrel of laughs... 'specially when Steph is teasing him!) and Heather and Joyce and Brett... not that any of you know any of these people... if anyone from HCW stummbles upon this... let me know... I can always use a few more friends on this thing...

What else... um... I'm getting offically trained for my new position tomorrow... wish me luck... although, I got to observe some people(Doug and Brett) today... so I don't think it'll kill me or anything... would have helped to get trained today.. I could have closed the registars and Brett could have left early for where-ever he was in such a g-d-hurry to get to. :-P (was that a good sentence... I'm not really awake)... Whatelse? Whatelse..
Oh, had Hamburgers for dinner... yummy, thanks Mom! :-) And I finished playing with my Harry Potter DVD... when you go through all the obsticals to get to the Sourcer's Stone(just like the movie,.... minus Wizard's Chess and plus the potions thing from the book) then you get a special surprise! If you really want to know... e-mail me.. but I don't want to spoil it for anyone! :-) Time for BED! Me is tired... and it's only 11pm!
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