Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Cancun Cantina West in Hagerstown, MD

I can't decide what sort of entry I want to do about this past day or so... I think it will be a little bit of both!

Short version:
Chinese food and then Chai. Lots of hanging out with Ryan.
Had an AWESOME time at the Low Cash Cowboys show. Awesome. When Mike starts dancing, you know it's a good time. lol.
Spent more time hanging out with Ryan than sleeping.
Drive back and forth was nice.
Wished it was longer. :-/

Cindi: You've gotta put that video you made online! Ryan is anxious to see it and I want to be able to relive this show! :-D

Got out of work at around 12:30. Didn't end up going to lunch with Guy and the rest of the group, but hopefully Guy and I will have lunch sometime. It was his last day. Haven't heard how it went yet, but if he's really gone when I go in on Monday, then I guess I will e-mail him to find out the details (yes, I am nosy. lol)

Anyway, came home, finished a bit of packing and then had lunch (fried chicken, hard boiled egg on crackers). On the way to pick up Mike, I stopped to mail my credit card bill @ the post office and then stopped and got gas @ Costco ($2.34). Then I picked Mike up around 2:30. I finally got to meet Tonto (who looks like this and his head comes up to my thigh), Josh's dog. Weird looking dog.. but he didn't jump up or bark at all. Well trained. He just wanted to get OUTSIDE OMG OUTSIDE OUTSIDE OUTSIDE. Poor thing couped up all day. ANyway.

Mike drove down. We listened to Glass Houses (Billy Joel album) and chatted and such. Trip down was very plesant. Great scenery and such. We got down to Hagerstown around 4:30ish. Checked in to our hotel (which, by pure coincidence is the hotel that is affiliated/attached to the Bar where Lo Cash was playing). We met Ryan in the lobby around 5. Ended up going to a Chinese place across the street (after driving around and having to turn around due to the divided highway thing they've got going on). I had some excellent Pineapple Chicken (which I am having for dinner tonight, too). Great times. It was so great to see Ryan again and it felt like 2001 with them talking about all this stuff that I had no idea about. It has been a while since I was that left out of the conversation. :-P But for some reason, I just don't care so much with them. lol. We sat there for a long time and just chatted, got more water, and ate our food, etc. We had some pretty good fortunes, but I forget what they were.

Then we asked one of the wait staff at the restaurant if they knew of a Borders or a Barnes and Nobles that was near by... but, no such luck. We ended up going to Dunkin Donuts for more hanging out and Chai and goodness. (*yea* D'n'D!) We were there 'til about 8 at which point we had to go to CVS to get some spray-on Tanning stuff for one of the members of the band. Not Ryan. :-P I called Liz and she knew exactly where it would be in the store. We had no clue. The lady that worked there eventually figured out what we were talking about. We were quite the pale bunch buying spray-on tan. lol. We dropped Ryan off to get ready for the concert around 8:30 and then Mike and I went back to the hotel room to watch SG-1 (which I completely forgot to tape! good thing Atlantis will run again later this week). At 10, we headed over to the Cantina!

Well, let me say, it was a very good thing that we had ear plugs. Would have been completely deaf if it weren't for that. We got to say "we're with the band" and it was so cool! Now, don't start to think that I've been converted to Country music or anything, but they did put on an awesome Rockin' show. Not much to say, but it was nice to have a mix of their stuff that Lo Cash had written and some old-time Country, some new stuff by other people, and some not-so-country songs (Prince, Boyz II Men, and Violent Femmes? What?) SOme of the non-country stuff I couldn't pick out because it had been so COUNTRYFIED! (not to be confused with country-fried. please). But it was a LOT of fun.

The coolest thing was the fact that it was very evident that Ryan was having an AWESOME FRIGGEN TIME jamming on the stage. Definitely cool. Although, RIP Ryan's Bows. Oops. DO NOT LET THE COWBOYS STEAL YOUR FIDDLES! Or... you are going to need more bows. Can you restring them? I don't think so. Maybe you could tour with a horse so you could just make them yourself or something. Or just don't give up your bows. Dangerous stuff.

We didn't get out of there 'til almost 2am. We both smelled intensely of smoke, but Mike was going to take a shower in the morning, so I hit the shower and then it was bed time (and my hair didn't do the standing up straight thing this morning! woo!). Up at 7 to get dressed and out of the hotel. We were checked out by about 7:22 and then we hit up Dunkin Donuts (again) for breakfast sandwiches (YUMMMM) for the road. I drove back and Mike rested his eyes and snored (well, he said he wasn't asleep!). I think the drive back was about 15 minutes shorter.. between less traffic and my um... creative speed limits, it uh, shaved some time off. lol. Yup. We were back at Mike's place by 9am. I helped him make his lunch and then he was off to work by 9:20... where he is currently working a 12 hour shift. I should remind him how he used to stay up for 24 hours straight after 4 hours of sleep. I think he wouldn't like to remember that, though. :-P

All in all, despite being sleep deprived now, it was totally worth it. I can sleep when I'm dead. :-P
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