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This morning was our neighborhood yard sale! We packed up my car, my mom's mini-van, and the trailer last night and this morning I got up at 6:30am (more X_X) and we got all our stuff down the street (about a mile and a half) to the local storage place who's owners agreed to let us use the space. Most of the things stored there are really nice antique autos so there's not much in-and-out traffic and it's mostly very local anyway.

So we brought a lot of furniture (Mike, you've gotta case out the coffee tables we have left), LOTS of tools and such, some random toys, bikes, etc. Albert had some specific stuff to sell and I had a box of CDs.

(CD side story: Last weekend, I bought a box of 60-ish CDs from a lady off of Craigslist.org. Originally it was supposed to be 38 CDs for $30 (not too bad) but she threw in a bunch more! Mike and I looked over them this past week and we took out about 20 to keep....)

I set the price of the CDs at $2 a piece figuring if they didn't all sell, I'd put them up on half.com or try my hand at Ebay. So, I sold one at $2 and then I sold the rest for $40 (since someone wanted them all! nice!)... Still trying to work out the profit on that one, but I got $12 back on my original $30 investment and Mike and I got a bunch of CDs esentially for free. Nice. Also sold a Lifetime DVD that I got for free in the mail for $2 and my old hand-held jeopardy game for $3.
I made $47! *yea*

I think all totaled, we made over $500 as a family, too! Dad sold a whole bunch of stuff and we sold large pieces of furniture so getting back our space is the biggest thing. It was fun too because we got to see some neighbors and stuff. The only bad thing was when I went over to talk to this one girl who graduated the year after me, and I saw that they had Coke glasses... 3 of them. Well, I already have one and now I have a set of 4. :-P I bought them 3 for a $, so not too bad. :-) It was a rather productive morning. We were back at the house before noon because it had started raining and we didn't want our stuff to get wet.

After we got home, I had lunch quick and then I went to work. for 5 hours. on a Saturday. Bah. There goes my soul. :-P It was nice, though, because it was quiet and I was able to concentrate and Get. STuff. Done. I have to do it again tomorrow... hopefully not as long. But I think I"m skipping church in favor of sleep tomorrow morning. In fact, sleep is sounding pretty good right now.




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