Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

I-Did, and To-Do.

Things I accomplished this past week:
~ Did laundry
~ Cleaned CDs and made $47 at yard sale (thus decluttering my room a bit).
~ Filled out Fidelity paperwork..
~ Listed George Michael CD on Amazon marketplace and
~ Listed CRT monitors on Craigslist (anyone local interested?)

Things I need to accomplish this week:
~ Call doctor's office re: paper work. Waiting for call back.
~ Call Nancy @ Recruitment Center re: Heather's address.
~ Get MY HAIR CUT OMG DRIVING ME NUTS Have an appointment for tomorrow @ 11:30.
~ Buy/Find stamps and send many cards.
~ Finish filling out NATS paperwork.

~ Reduce room clutter.
~ Vacuum room. (haha)
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