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Snippets of my day

Keith took us out to lunch @ Ruby Tuesdays. As per someone's suggestion (forget who) I got the mini burgers. yummy they were! I even ate the whole thing! (I usually eat half and bring half home when I eat out) Good stuff.

Played chauffer to Albert and got to sit and work on my cross stitch. (the one with the flowers) Although, I was sitting in the car and it was dark, so probably not the best on my eyes. I will probably get to do more cross stitching this weekend.

I had a cheese bagel for dinner. It was not that great. I miss NJ bagels.

Mom forgot to tape LOST, so Albert got to watch it on the computer. Very exciting! haha.

I finally sold my Electric Guitar/Amp! Recap: Bought it all for $50 3+years ago. Sold it all today for $100. I think that is what you call a good return on your investment. :-) I even played it a few times in between there. I think if I get another one, it'll be an accoustic with a few plastic strings. lol. :-P (point of irony. Sold it on craigslist... to a guy named Craig. whoa)

I am also addicted to Craigslist. mwahahaha. And ebay.

I am leaving in the morning tomorrow for my NATS competition which is in State College, PA (yes, that is the NAME of the TOWN, *sigh*). I will be staying over night and coming home sometime on Saturday, I hope. I will also be packing in the morning, so I seriously need to get some sleep now! G'night, all!



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Nov. 3rd, 2006 05:43 am (UTC)
I am leaving in the morning tomorrow for my NATS competition

Break a leg!

State College, PA

A bunch of my coworkers in Ithaca were Penn Staters, and whenever they mentioned that town I'd do a mental double-take. It's such a weird name!
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