Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Bloggin' about the bloggin'

I just thought I'd blog about the fact that Paul misch is currently blogging about something. Hopefully it will be about our day and then I won't have to write about it! LOLIES. Anyway! (whoa, Firefox 2.0)

Today so far:
Went to work.
Went home around noon.
FOUND MY LAPTOP!!! It was delivered around 9:30am.
Set up my laptop and ran windows update, etc, downloaded firefox
Talked Heather through a D'n'D craving. (haha.)
Ate a Sausage Sandwich & packed my cooler
Left for NJ
Arrived in NJ after driving on the PA Turnpike and through Philly and not getting lost (!!)
Found Paul - after a bit of turning around.
Ate dinner @ teh RZOMEST WEGMANS! (Pizza - yum)
Went to a Devils/Sabres game: Final score = Sabres Win! I set that up just for Paul.
Went back to Paul's place.
Set up my bed & Paul's wireless to my laptop
Blogged this.
The end.
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