Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


So, today was a normal pre-Christmas day.


When we were almost done with dinner, my dad remembered that I got a package today via UPS. He didn't put it in it's normal place (by the stairs) because of what it said on the box: "Refrigerate upon arrival." So, I went and got it from the fridge and opened it.

It was a 6 lb HAM (and some fancy cut, too!)! =-O There was a little card inside that said:

Season's Greetings! (fancy green pre-printed script)

Mid Atlantic Management
(picture of a candle)


This is especially hilarious, because I have no connection that I can think of with any company called Mid Atlantic-anything. I googled Mid Atlantic Management, and the only thing I came up with is something called Mid Atlantic Management Corporation (a contracting company) who happens to post jobs on a job website I frequent. This is the only way I can figure they got my address. But why would they just send random people Hams? And they obviously went to some trouble because the company that sent the ham is rather local, and these Mid Atlantic People (if it's the company I found on google) is from Newtown, PA which is near NJ and at least 2 hours from here.

Not that I really care because now we have our Christmas dinner. :-)
Tags: family, jokes, mail, random
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