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Ahh... long weekend!

There was an automobile accident up the street from the building where I work early Friday morning. It managed to knock out the traffic signal at one of the busiest rush-hour intersections so police were directing (sounds scary to me). It also knocked out the power at work for a period of time greater than 30 minutes (the servers had restarted themselves when the power came back on which means the power was out longer than the UPSes could handle). At about 1:30pm, the power went out again for about 20 minutes. D'oh. It came back on and then I was able to finish up what I was working on, send it off, and then I was allowed to leave early! Thank goodness. This gave me a chance to finish up my Christmas shopping before heading off to hang out with Mike. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain and not really an ideal situation for 2-days-before-Christmas shopping. OH, well. I finished up, picked up dinner, and then got to Mike's place by 6-7ish. We watched random TV and hung out. It was relaxing and much needed together-time.

I slept in and then had one more shopping trip to make. Fortunately, I only had to go to the grocery store and it is close and not many people are going to that store a day before Christmas, so that was a good thing. I got some more Christmas presents and on my way out of the strip mall area, I saw that the Holiday Hair was open - and not very busy looking. So, I ended up getting my hair cut. "FINALLY" and "YAYAYAYAY!!" I've been meaning to get it cut for a while, but I've just been so crazy. Now it is short and cute again. Might even be a little too short, but this way it will have longer to grow before I will need it cut again. Lindsay called just as I was leaving the grocery store (again since Mom called and said to pick up more potatoes) and we got to chat a bit. Lindsay-phone-calls are happy. :-)
I figured out how to easily hook my laptop up to the TV upstairs (probably the last TV made without an S-Video jack) with the cables I picked up on Friday from Radio Shack and the other cables that I had laying around. YAY for make-shift DVD player (although, it was never used as such - LOL)
Later in the evening, when Mom & Dad left for their party, I finally got to wrap mom's gifts and then all my wrapping was finally done (YAY!). I also made some more cookies! yay. I think I ended up staying up 'til 2am. Bad Catherine.

Christmas Eve! I slept in again (yay) and then we went to the 10:30 morning service. It was a modified Service of Lessons and Carols plus our regular service. Kinda weird. Whatever. We were a bit late (LIZZY) and had to sit in the balcony. I kinda like sitting up there because you are closer to the organ pipes and you can look down on everyone - but you do kinda feel like you are out in the open. Mr. Buse & Nate(he graduated with me) were causing all kinds of hi-jinks but that was to be expected. Had cookies for lunch. :-D
I talked to Mike and he really wasn't feeling well, so we decided it would be better for him to rest up so he could enjoy Christmas day - unfortunately, this meant he had to miss our Traditional Swedish Schmorgusboard (complete with pickled herring) and the 11pm Christmas Eve service. Boo.
I helped mom with her wrapping and Aunt Karin showed up while I was in the basement. Her oven done-did-ga-broked on her and so she had some more baking to do. Apricot Chews! AHHHHHYAY! I gave her a hand when I was done with wrapping.

Schmorgusboard was AWESOME and FULL OF YUM! Swedish Meatballs, Boiled Potatoes, Mystery Ham, Herring, Cheeses, bread, shrimp cocktails - and everything was very yummy. :-D After dinner & the clean up, we sat around and watched YouTube Videos (laptop+TV) and learned about Lutefisk and how to eat it. LOL. Good times. Cookies for dessert! And Egg Nog! And Glug!
Then it was off to Church. Unfortunately I couldn't rehearse with Barb before hand because we had transposed my song down 4half steps and she couldn't play it without the Organ, so I just ran through it a few times with my recorder and I was set to go. Since Mike and Karin didn't come to church, we fit in one pew. Thankfully. My song went immensely well although I was extremely nervous and shaking for some reason. The church was PACKED and it was Christmas Eve, so I have to say that was probably part of it. After church, we came home, cleaned up, and went to bed.

Christmas Day! I woke up gradually and looked at the clock: 9:22! There were no other sounds in the house. Albert was out cold still and Liz was sleeping too. What? No siblings jumping on my bed and wanting to go downstairs and open stockings? Bizarre! I called Mike and told him that breakfast would probably be delayed, so he could take his time coming over. Stockings didn't take that long - since no one left Santa cookies, he didn't leave very much for us! =-O Oops! Albert was slacking off. But I did get some much needed Chapstick.
After Stockings, we were getting ready for breakfast - and Mike came! YAY!
Figuring out the order of things yesterday is hurting my brain, so I will just do bits and pieces.
~ Food was consumed. It was all fantastic. :-)
~ Presents were given/accepted and fun was had by all.
~ Laughter ensued. Between the hi-jinks, the one-liners, and Mom's classic faces, there was usually something to be jolly about!
~ Hugs & Christmas well-wishes were very prevelant.
~ Lots of cookies were eatten.
~ More YouTube was watched (Pachebell's Rant! LOLIES!)
~ Mike and I watched The Grinch (he'd never seen it).

All-in-all it was a fantastic* weekend - new traditions were forged, friends & family gathered around the table together, and a good time was had by all.

* Minus the fact it rained all weekend & was cold and there was not a single white flake
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