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So long, farewell, auf wiedersein, good bye-eye!

hehe... crazy-fun night at work... I wasn't loosing my sanity like I was last night either(I was walking around with different Hershey's Plush dolls on my head)... To night I worked with some of the older "life-ers".. employees in their 50s that work there for fun and for the money.. but a more permanent thing. Anyway... Joyce is from Buffalo and has the best accent... I called her a "buffalonian" tonight... she got a kick out of that. Then, later when it was getting close to closing time, Lynn decided that we should make a medley of songs that all have the words "Good bye" in them and we could play them at the end of the night to see if the tourists would get a CLUE!!! And of course, this led to Lynn doing a song and dance number to the song from The Sound of Music...(see the subject for lyrics)... it was way too much fun!

Tomorrow I have to be up at the crack of dawn to leave to go to my grandparents un-air-conditioned house in NJ. Should be hot, sticky, and relatively interesting... hahaha. I just hope that I don't melt, 'cuz that would suck. :-P
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