Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Party? Whoa.

Just got back a little while ago (okay 40 minutes ago) from a party! The director of the singing group that Mike and I are in invited us to her family's Christmas party and it was a lot of fun. Mike, unfortunately, didn't make it since he had to work 'til 9:30 and he still isn't feeling well and he has to work at 9:30 in the morning. Phooey. We missed him, though.

We played this game (if you think it sounds familiar, please let me know what it's called!) where you have 4 categories (movies, books, songs, sayings) and the clues on the cards are basically synonyms of the thing you are trying to guess, but they are long and drawn out and sometimes pretentious sounding. It was pretty hilarious and we really started getting them at one point! Then we used the cards from that game (the solutions, at least) to play Charades -- lots of fun! I did pretty well, too. :-) There was even some nosh - I mostly ate carrots, though, since I had dinner before I left.

And, Note To Self: when interneting directions, check more than one map-source before leaving the house. Do not rely on google maps. Only darn thing they don't do better than aol (mapquest). Sigh.

Anyway, gottsta get me to bed because we are leaving early in the morning for NJ to visit the grandparental units for the day and then come back here by nightfall. Woo. I'm bringing my laptop to watch movies in the car! My battery should last that long, and then we can charge it when we get there and watch another movie on the way home. Sweetness.
Tags: life, party
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