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Well, I don't think I wrote about new years or the past week or so. Maybe I will have time for that during the next few days. This morning my siblings and I are going to Aunt Karin's apartment to set up her fish tank for her. This involves lugging gravel (85lbs of it), cleaning the gravel, filling the tank (55 gall, there goes her water bill this month), fixing the water so it is suitable for fishie-living and setting up the filter system (easy-peasy). Hopefully we will be done by 3pm so that I can come home, shower, finish a bit of packing, and then go pick up Mike for our mini-vacation! We are going to visit his parents until Tuesday or Wednesday. It should be lovely and relaxing. :-) I'm looking forward to it. So, I'll have my laptop and hopefully will be able to get my computer on their wireless network, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of me. :-P

Ps. I need to set a new default icon. I'm not feeling as angry as the panda. feel free to peruse through my user pics and suggest one or two or three. :-P
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