Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

I meant to write about this today...

But I forgot, so you only get the abridged version. Which is too bad because it was an awesome dream, but now I only remember parts of it.

Matt (pumpkingod) was a "Mad" Scientist and lived in a mansion (which was totally sweet). He decided that he wanted to achieve immortality, so he jumped down a bottomless pit that he created (it had a red door). And then he was gone.
Fast forward 5 years, he calls everyone back who still loved him (in the non-romantic sense) by talking to them in their brains and telling them to come to his mansion. People show up, he comes blasting through the red door and looks really freaky, but some how not creepy. Only Matt could pull off this look of undeadness. It is at this point, that everyone gets scared away but me. So, then Matt decides that he wants to eat spaghetti. Of course, he has achieved this immortal state which is someplace between dead and not dead, so he can't eat. It is at this point that he realizes that life is not worth living (especially not forever) if you can't eat spaghetti and all the people that once loved you run away from you. (very wise, I must say) So he decides to kill himself, but first he calls his lawyer and has him change his will so that I get all of his stuff. It was pretty sweet. Matt, you are hot as a partially undead person. :-)
Tags: dreams
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