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Oh, also....

Today was awesome.

Here is what I did this weekend. If you want further clarification, ask in a comment and I will try to get to writing about whatever it is.

~ Demolished lots of my bathroom.
~ Played NeoQuest (on Neopets). Ask Mike, it's an addicting game. :-)
~ Did funny things in church
~ Had a heart-to-heart with Mike and confirmed that things are, for the most part, awesome
~ Took the last shower in my bathroom
~ Shared a bathroom with my brother for the first time ever (not to be ended soon, unfortunately)
~ Played Heart & Soul with Mike.
~ Listened to Mom re-tell her experience being a good Samaritan.
~ Put away some Christmas decorations
~ Took pictures and fought with ScrapBook (no results yet)
~ Waited for snow
Tags: life
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