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Spending Spree!!

Okay, so I got into work yesterday(the 7th) and there is a note from one of my fellow co-workers stating that a lady spent $733 dollars on CRAP and other lovely things that we sell. Everyone was simply blown away. Today, the lady was back... I actually got to talk to her... she bought our most expensive item, too... a 4-foot-tall Hershey's Kiss Character: Retail Value? $295.00 ... with PA Sales tax? $312.70

Holy Shit.

Then, she comes up to the Central Registars and buys 2 pillow characters for each of her 2 children... the total of that bill? $84.59.....
We got to talking, this lady lives in Washington state and will have to take most of this stuff on the plane back... she also owns 2 Bobcats(the animal, not the small earthmover).. and her neighbors have tigers... WTF!??!!? She's either a pathological liar with a long credit line, or she's filthy-stinking-rich.

The total that she spent on retail purchases at HCW in the past few days? $1130.28
... and that's just that I know of!!!

Just another tale from the land of much chocolate! :-)
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