Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Cool, but odd...

Talking to my dad on AIM:

TenthZ1 (11:28:32 AM): Did you get anything at the car show?
MGStrw****** (11:31:37 AM): No, everything looks the same....By the way...Jim Craig, the Olympic Goalie, wanted to know if you got your drivers licience yet...I told him no...that you were waiting for this summer.
TenthZ1 (11:32:16 AM): LOL!
TenthZ1 (11:32:24 AM): Jim Craig asked about me?!?!?!
MGStrw****** (11:32:42 AM): Yup, cool huh?
TenthZ1 (11:32:50 AM): Very!
TenthZ1 (11:32:56 AM): Cool, but strange...

So there's my terriblly cool dad with his connections... :-P
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