Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Absolutely beautiful.

"'That was fun,' Christy said, when it was over. She stretched her limbs across the wrecked bed as if to embrace it, and rolled, like a cat, back and forth, until it was smeared with the manifold compound of their lovemaking.
"'Still hate me?' said Daniel.

"She nodded, and that was when Daniel saw the mistake that they had made. Althought sex was something they both regarded as perilous, marriage had, by contrast, seemed safe -- a safe house in a world of danger; the ultimate haven of two solitary, fearful souls. When you were single, this was what everyone who was already married was always telling you. Daniel himself had said it to his unmarried friends. It was, however, a lie. Sex had everything to do with violence, that was true, and marriage was at once a container for the madness between men and women and a fragile hedge against it, as religion was to death, and the laws of physics to the immense quanity of utter emptiness of which the universe was made. But there was nothing at all safe about marriage. It was a doubtful enterprise, a voyage in an untested craft, across a hostile ocean, with a map that was a forgery and with no particular destination but the grave."

--- Michael Chabon, "House Hunting"

I love Mr. Chabon... and for the record he's married and has two children.

I never thought it possible... thank you, God.
Tags: quotes
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