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.mov --> DVD?

My brother is doing a history day project (similar to a science fair type thing, but with history stuff) and he would like to play some .mov files on repeat at his table. There are 15 files and they total just under 40MB. Originally he was asking me to make a DVD out of them. From the very small amount of research I did, I have found that this will require converting the files from .mov files to .avi or another mpeg-2 standard file so that I can then burn them to DVD using an authoring program (which I have because they came with my burner). So, first question: What would a good program be? I'm pretty sure I would have to pay for it so that I can be guaranteed the appropriate quality for his project. I also don't want to have to fuss around with something for ever to get it to work. So, if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Alternately, since he will need my laptop to play the files anyway, I'm thinking that it might be easier to just have him play them from the hard drive (instead of creating the DVD), but that leaves me with a new problem: How do I get 15 .mov files to play in a continuous loop at full screen? Any ideas on this aspect would also be appreciated!

Also, if you have some other solution that is different than the 2 above ideas, please feel free to share!

ps, I'm sure I'll have a real-live-personal-type post at some point. If you are lucky. :-P
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