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.mov file fun

As a continuation of the problems described previously (, here's what I've done so far.

I installed iTunes on my laptop. Whoa, progress. Anyway, I also imported all the stuff on my laptop into iTunes. Keep in mind that I am running WinXP and I am not a seasoned iTunes user (not by a long shot!). So, how do these playlist thingies work? I tried creating a play list, drag&dropping the .mov files into it.. but it would only play the audio. What I need it to do is to play 15 .mov files and then repeat them. (The videos are from here, btw: If anyone can walk me through this, I'd appreciate it!

If this doesn't work out, I think I'll probably end up purchasing something that will convert the .mov files to .avi or .mpeg files so that I can burn them to a DVD. One of my DVD authoring softwares actually allows you to have the disc auto-replay when it gets to the end, so that wouldn't be a big deal... I don't know if it would infinite loop or not, though. Maybe it would just repeat once? That would be lame.... well, actually, that would mean that it kept track of how many times it played, so that would actually be cool. Anyway.

Right now, I'm thinking it will be less effort to just play them off the hard drive.
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