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Insanity in my Life

Sunday was Pastor Hoyer's last Sunday with us. The next 2 Sundays we will have different Supply Pastors, and the 3rd Sunday... PASTOR LINDA'S BACK! :-D 2 Sundays from now, Pastor Hoyer will be awarded the Pastor Emeritus* at his church! Mom and I are going to try to go to the ceremony. I have to remember to call this week to find out what time the service is. We <3 Pastor Hoyer & his wife!

After the service (which was AWESOME as usual), the Service Committee (the committee I'm on) was having a covered dish lunch/Earth Day activity. We watched a movie called Affluenza which was pretty good. We also had a very lame activity called Swap Your Treasure. Everyone was supposed to bring something they didn't want(but still wasn't crap) and swap it for something else that someone brought. This was supposed to leave nothing left. Somehow there was a bunch of stuff left. Grrr. Also, there was only about 10 people that came that weren't part of the committee (and a bunch of committee members didn't show). Boo. Pastor Linda came, though! She has a pink cane which she loves. Haha, my dad totally didn't believe she got a pink cane. That was cool. The event, though, was a complete bust. Next year, we are doing a plant swap. Totally a better idea.

*this definition might be slightly different from the one under the ELCA since the definition is from the Missouri Synod's website.

Today was another Service Committee thing. We brought lunches to people who were working on the Harrisburg Habitat for Humanity house. Mom had a dentist appointment for 3 hours this morning, so she didn't think she was going to make it. This morning, I loaded my car up with all the food we were transporting/providing and I brought that stuff into downtown Harrisburg at noon. I was very nervous about this. Of all the cities I've dealt with/driven in, I hate Harrisburg the most. But, everything worked out really well. There was a pull-in parking spot in front of the house, and I didn't have any trouble finding it because the 3 ladies that were meeting me there from the committee were standing outside! Yay for not confusing. Anyway, the workers ATTACKED the food. After I was done there, I decided to see how mom was doing since I was worried about her most of the morning. She was still in the chair at 12:40 (was supposed to be definitely done at 12:30). I waited until she was done at a little before 1pm. (Dentist is 1 min drive from work) I had her take the coolers home so they weren't rolling around in my trunk. Mom looked pretty crappy, but who doesn't after laying with their head lower than their feet with people's hands in their mouth for 3 hours?? She was slightly out of it, so we chatted in the parking lot before we parted ways.

I got home and made tacos for dinner (which mom couldn't chew, but she had a salad). When I got home, I found out that I shouldn't have been worrying about Mom... I should have been worrying about DAD! He managed to roll his Kubota Tractor (he has a late 1990's version of this. THANK GOD that he had the rollbar. He would have be squashed like a bug in about 2 seconds. For the people who have met my dad, this is no small feat! He has a lump on the side of his leg the size of a tennis ball, and he's got some other bumps and bruises, but for the most part, he is okay. I knew he was okay when he was worrying about... the tractor. :-P But very very scary. So, now I have 2 parents out of commission (but mom should be back on her feet tomorrow, as where Dad will be even more out of commission tomorrow). Fun stuff.

Also, it is 80 degrees in my room, so I'm going downstairs.
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