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Free Stuff FTW!

I just placed an order with $64.34 of stuff. Not a single cent of which is being charged to a credit/debt card. In fact, not a single cent of that is coming out of my paycheck. This is how I did it:

The order of least to most effort

Credit Card "Freebies": My credit card has a rewards program. I wouldn't buy stuff just to get more "points," but since I'm using the card anyway, I might as well cash in. I recently got a $25 gift certificate for Amazon. I love taking surveys. I especially love taking E-Poll surveys because they reward me the full amount even if I don't qualify for the survey. I got a $25 gift certificate for Amazon from them in the mail a week or so ago. It took approximately 30 surveys to get to a point level to get this item. They have different levels, but at the lower levels the dollar-to-point ratio is significantly decreased. Either way, the time spent doing these surveys would have other wise been spent... probably doing surveys. hehe. I like surveys. I can't help it. I love this site. It fits into my internet-routine so nicely, too! I like to flit around and do random stuff that can occupy my brain without taking toooo much energy. I like to hone my skills while I'm at it. I've made a total of $77.99 since I started "turking." You can have the money directly transfered to your checking account or to your gift certificate account. I choose the latter and I look at it as a "money I have to spend on myself" fund. I spend money on myself... uh, never.

Anyway, the point is that YAY Free Stuff for me! Oh, yeah, and since the order was over $25, I got free shipping. So it's actually all stuff. yay.
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