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Friday: Mike and I had an actual date which involved going out and stuff. We went to Moe's for dinner (as planned) and then went to see Spiderman 3 - which we both loved. I'm seeing that it's getting mixed reviews, but we loved it. 2 thumbs up!

Saturday: I slept in. Then I cleaned up my room and the guest room. Then I watched the end of "Corina, Corina" and the entirety of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood on TBS. I OWN both of those movies (er, no commercials on DVDs!)... Damn you, Movie and a Makeover! I stitched through all the movie-watching, so that was actually a great way to spend some time - early in the day before my eyes are all stretched out.

Heather arrived and YAY! Mom and Dad went to take Liz to dinner and bring some of her stuff home (she's home for the summer as of... TOMORROW!) and Heather and I went to Crossroads for dinner since there were way too many choices and Crossroads is the ultimate in closeness. Good meal. I got a Stromboli because I knew I'd only eat half and that way I'd have lunch for Monday. Heather got a very yummy looking chicken grilled sandwich thingy. We came back and then we watched Rent! YAY, Rent.

Sunday: We went to Pastor Hoyer's church in Lebanon! It was awesome. The Pastor that was supposed to officiate the service got laryngitis, SO Pastor Hoyer had to do the service -- YAYS! Oh, man, I am going to miss him. It was great to have a one-last-time, though. And he saw us during the sermon and did a little "shout-out" lol... sermon shout-out. It was awesome, the church was beautious, and they have a really awesome choir. Me wants one. :-(

After church, I ate a few pieces of cheese, a couple crackers, grabbed a banana for the car, and headed out to the Hummelstown for our 1:30 rehearsal. I stopped at Giant to get Lemonade for the reception and saw another member of the choir there (she was also doing a bit of last minute shopping for the reception!). The concert went swimmingly. I can only say that it would have been nice to have another 2 weeks of rehearsal, but say-la-vee. The reception was also the best attended one so far! YAY! It was funs.

After that, Mike followed us home and Heather, Albert, Mike and I played games. First Jumanji and then Passport (aka, best game ever). Unfortunately, the questions are either really easy (hilariously easy actually... Berlin is the capitol of Japan... true or false?) or really hard (listen to a midi-esk tune and figure out which country it is from). But then, the age range starts at 9... Anyway, lots of fun.

We had pizza from Fabio's (YESSS!) for dinner & Mom and Dad had wings, too. Ugg, wings. I will never like anything that takes that much effort at the table. Anyway, it was good food and good fun. We sat around talking for a while and then Heather excused herself to watch 7th Heaven in the basement. Of course, this is when we really broke the party out! LOLL SO MUCH FUNZ. No, just kidding. Things dissolved, Mike and I had some time to ourselves (gasp) and then Mike went home and we watched Desperate and Brothers & Sisters. Then it was bed time.

Monday: Ahh, the work week. I mean, Ahh, insanity. Well, the day started out with work. Not much to say there. My leftover Stromboli was an awesome lunch. All was well.

Then I left work and went straight over to the West Shore (Camp Hill-ish area) for our 1st Singers gig of the season. After I found the retirement place, I stopped in at McDonalds to kill time (watched CNN) and have dinner for $2.12. The gig was at The Woods at Cedar Run and the old-folks loved it! There was one lady that knew just about every word to every song. She was having a blast singing along (we told them they could since we're most doing old 'standards' type things). I talked to her afterwards and she was just so tickled to have us there. It's really nice to have an audience that appreciates the hard work you've put into rehearsing and such. Unlike the audience we had at our actual concert which was basically our family and friends. It was kind of depressing to realize that a bunch of old people who can barely hear make for a better audience than your friends and family. Sigh.

Anyway, after that, it was still light out! WOOO summer! I drove to Mike's Mall to get his keys and then worked on Albert's project for an hour and a half. I got it to work, but then it didn't work when I got home (WTF, I know I used the right save options), so I'll have to work on it again on Wednesday. Gah. Anyway, as I was leaving, I passed Mike, so I looped around and we got to chat for a few minutes which was nice. :-)

When I got home I packaged up some of the Neopets(TCGs) that I managed to sell. I got $6.50 for them and it only cost me $0.89 to send them! Sweet! I might turn a bit of profit off of selling them and get my storage space back. Since no one will play with me. *tear*

This morning: When I was at the post office this morning sending out the package, I got to see all the crazy construction in Hershey. They are doing some beautiful brick work on the new parking garage and they are putting in another (needed) traffic signal. Hopefully they are done soon, though, and will re-open Park Ave.
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