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Sadly, some of these I've never heard of.

Bold the ones you've been to:

The Alamo
The Aleutian Islands
Amana Colonies
the Arch (St. Louis)
Aspen, CO
the Badlands
the Berkshires
the Big Ball of Twine
the Winchester Mystery House
the Black Hills
Brooklyn Bridge
Busch Gardens (any location)
Cape Cod
Carlsbad Caverns
Central Park
Chimney Rock
Chinese Theater
Churchill Downs
College World Series
Colonial Williamsburg
Crater Lake
Death Valley
Disneyland (CA)
Disney World (FL)

Door County
Empire State Building
the Everglades
Fenway Park
Fisherman’s Wharf
Florida Keys
Four Corners National Park
French Quarter/Bourbon Street
Glacier National Park
Golden Gate Bridge
Grand Canyon

Great Salt Lake
Harper's Ferry
the Hamptons
Hoover Dam
Independence Hall
Johnson Space Center

Joshua Tree
Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral
Lake Placid
Lake Tahoe
Las Vegas – the Strip
Mackinac Island
Madison Square Garden
Mall of America
Mammoth Cave
Mojave Desert
Mt. Rushmore
Mt. St. Helens
Mt. Vernon

The Mystery Spot
Napa Valley
Niagara Falls
the North Shore of Maui

the Ozarks/Branson
Petrified Forest
Pike’s Peak
Redwood Nat’l Park
Pike Place Market
Pearl Harbor
the Road to Hana
Rocky Mountains

Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills
Route 66 I've driven sections of it
Sea World (any location)
Sears Tower
Sequoia Nat’l Park
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Six Flags Over Texas
Smithsonian Institute Museums

Smoky Mountain Nat’l Park
Sonoma Valley
South Padre Island
Space Needle
Statue of Liberty

Stone Mountain
Times Square
United Nations

Universal Studios
Vail, CO
World of Coca-Cola
The World's Largest Garden Gnome
Wrigley Field
Yankee Stadium
Yellowstone Nat’l Park/Old Faithful
Yosemite Nat’l Park
Zion Nat’l Park

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