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14 out of 24....

Okay, so here's my day so far....
Met the "dorm-ers" from my group at Gracie's this morning at 8am... most of them were actually awake... I was very proud of them! And then we walked down to the academic quad and met the commuters at the infinity symbol... we were short 12 people at 8:50 so we waited a bit longer and did an icebreaker and then 1 more showed up so we went in building 7 and found the room and there was 1 more in there... that makes 14. That's all that showed up. And the one guy left early to bring his friend to the doctor.... And then I showed them where they had to go for placement testing tomorrow and then where we would meet. Most commuters left then... some followed down to visit the registars office and the SEO office... and then they pealed off some more... about 3 of them came to Gracie's with me... 2 had their parents with them... so that was cool... we ended up seeing some of the commuters down there too, 'cuz they had gone to get their computer's registered for the RIT Network... s'all good...
But the biggest pain was having to write up 10 people... blah...

SO! Then I was on my way back to my apartment and I go to get my bike out of the rack... and ... it's stuck. $|-| i +. So I screw with it for a bit and realize that I can't do this by myself... so I go back into the FYE office and get "a strong man".. Matt Todd, my former FYE teacher.... First he teases me, then he helps me... I think that's his standard policy. :-P
And since then, I've just been chilling in my room... So that's that.
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