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It's been a while...

I have yet to fully understand myself... Why am I so needy? What happened to the 'independent Catherine'? The one who was perfectly content not being around people constantly? Will it be impossible to go back to the way it was? Will I always feel this sort of void when I'm not dating someone? Is there something wrong with needing a person so much that it hurts? I'm inclined to say yes, but is that because I was brought up with the mind set that no one should ever rely on anyone? Or do I consider needing someone to be some sort of weakness? Is there a reason I couldn't just leave well enough alone instead of wreaking something that was almost perfect? Is this quest for the perfect relationship totally in vain? Should I stop asking so many questions and just continue with my life? Is there a reason the 'Q' isn't next to the 'U' on the keyboard? Okay... I think that's enough to think about for the night...

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