Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Weekend in review!

Friday: Maria sent us home early. And it was good. I beat G&G to our house, but only by about 1 minute. Friday night consisted of hamburgers and keilbasa.

Saturday: Insanely pollen-y. Death of sinuses. Grandfather decided to treat us to the circus Saturday night. We had an early dinner and then went to the Circus. It was Mike's first circus & it was lots of fun. YAY Circus!

Sunday: Got up and got ready for church. Karin came and we drove to church together. The turn-out for the confirmands reception was silly. I helped make instant coffee in a coffee machine. lolies. Church was nice and Albert didn't mess up or anything. I think he was plesantly surprised to realize that this means he is now considered a grownup within the church. Pretty awesome. After church, we all went to Fire Alley ( for dinner. I had Stoned Chicken (this pepper bacon wrapped chicken breast is cooked on a flat grill under a stone weight until seared crispy drizzled with a root beer glaze over rice pilaf) which was very good, but unlike anything else I've eatten. It was rainy the rest of the day and we were all very full from lunch so we did nothing the rest of the day. I was miserable with allergies. Bah.

Monday: The rest of the family went to the Memorial Day Parade, but I stayed in bed and rested up. Then I got up and did some cleaning up and some ebaying. The fam ate lunch at the VFW after the parade and grandfather ate 2 sausages and 1 hot dog. He is no longer allowed to tell grandma not to eat hot dogs. :-P They came home and we consoladated into one car and we went to the ArtFest in Harrisburg. I bought a pumpkin funnel cake to split with everyone. We also had fresh squeezed lemonade which albert thought was the best in the whole world, but then it was just ok. Oh, yeah, I was more miserable with allergies. Used lots of tissues. Listened to a celtic band and then a jazz group ('cello, flute, guitar trio). Also looked at lots of art and had fun. Got home and had some crackers and cheese horses-duvers. Mike came over for dinner. We stuffed peppers which were yummy. Then we had cake which was pretty bad. Mom says she owes me another birthday cake. :-P

We sat around talking a lot this weekend. G&G left this morning.
Tags: family, life
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