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Stuff list, updated from here.

Feel free to comment! :-)


I have a comforter (grays/blues) so I'll probably use that for a while until I find something else that I like better. I also have tons of blankets and stuff. My pillows are kind old so I might want to get new ones at some point. *shrug* Total Bedroom Cost: ~$600

  • Matress/Boxspring/Frame - $500

  • Night Table - I think I'm going to use my small bookshelf or I have a lamp table, too.

  • Bed-side Lamp - Got one from G&G, blue with flowers, may want new lampshade

  • Sheets/Comforter/Mattress Pad/Pillow Cases - Will need sheets. ($50)

  • Pillows - might want new, though ($20)

  • Alarm Clock

  • Hangers - if I need more... $1 for 10 @ WalMart

  • Fan(it is small, though)

  • Dresser of some sort - $100-200, looking at modular closet units


I have at least a kitchen table and chairs in the barn. I don't know if I will like the chairs. I am very tough on chairs (but not tough on grease). I also have a matching buffet cart and some other pieces, methinks. Total Kitchen Cost: ~$140

  • Kitchen Table/Chairs - Need to clean

  • Trashcan - From G&G

  • Dish towels

  • leftover dishes

  • 'fridge magnets

  • Salt & Pepper shakers - we have plenty to choose from!

  • Sponges - G&G

  • Bowls/Plates/Mugs/Glasses/Wine glasses/silver ware - Will wait for bowls, use disposable for now

  • Microwave - $25-75

  • Toaster Oven

  • Pots/Pans - Mom & Dad are buying me these as a b'day present

  • Bottle Opener/Can Opener/Ladle/Veggie Peeler/Spatulas - $10

  • Cutting Boards/Knives/Colandar - $30

  • Oven Mits/Pot Holders

  • Measuring Cups/Measuring Spoons/Mixing Bowls/Wooden Spoons? - $10

  • Hand Mixer


I have tons of towels. Will not need towels. Going with a Moon/Sun/Yellow theme. Total Bathroom Cost: ~$25

  • Rug and/or Mat - $10

  • Shower Curtain/Liner/Rings

  • Toilet Brush/Plunger - $15

  • Trash can

  • Towels

Living Room
Ahhh.. the living room. I have high hopes for the living room. I want to go with all black and white furniture and then some big splashes of color. Hard to describe, I think it will work, but will take some craigslisting. Thinking of getting a futon in addition to the couch. Hm. Total Living Room Cost: (max) $500 (this is furniture only and not tv, etc)

  • Couch - Ordered

  • 2 Chairs - total $40ish?

  • Coffee Table - G&G

  • Piano Keyboard

  • CD Storage

  • DVD/VHS Storage - using bookshelves after they are painted

  • Curtains/curtain rods/shades/etc - $???

  • Floor Lamps - $10

  • Sewing Lamp

  • Door Mats (inside/outside) - $30

  • TV Stand - $30 (craigslist)

  • TV/VCR/DVD player - for now, using my desktop computer. No VCR, though, but record capabilities!


This is going to be a kind of catch-all room. A desk in here and have all my bookshelves (omg, bookshelves). This room will probably be a HGTV nightmare. Maybe it will keep me from being in here all the time. Also, if I don't end up with a futon, I will try to get a guest bed for in here. Eventually. "Den" Cost: ~$200

  • Desk/Chair - $100 (craigslist)

  • Bookshelfs - from Uncle Ken

  • Day Bed - from Pop-pop's

  • Day bed mattress - $100?


These are more like reminders. And Cleaning stuff: $250

  • Cleaning Supplies/Broom/Dustpan/Swiffer/Vacuum - $200

  • Extension CordsSurge Protectors - $30

  • Drill/Hammer/Screwdriver/Level/Measuring Tape/Pliers/Wrench - $?? - From Dad/Martin?

  • Step Stool

  • Flashlights(one for every room!)

  • Trash Cans

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