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Mr. Wizard

From: http://www.mrwizardstudios.com/index.htm

It is with deep sadness that we regret to announce the passing of Don Herbert - the one and only "Mr. Wizard". Don lost his battle with cancer today, June 12, 2007, at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time - slightly more than one month shy of his 90th birthday. He was lovingly surrounded by his family, who are at once, saddened by his passing, and relieved that he is no longer suffering.

We all feel extremely lucky to have had him in our lives and to have known and worked with Don over the years. We have also been tremendously honored to carry on his legacy as an original and truly legendary figure in the worlds of both Television and Science Education. He has been inspirational and influential in so many ways and on so many lives and we are comforted in the fact that his ground breaking work and legacy will continue to inspire many more people for years to come.

Thank you so much to all of you for your support and sympathy.

Sincerely, The Family



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Jun. 16th, 2007 03:04 am (UTC)
Aww, I loved his show when I was little. Some of them are still clear in my memory... like when he had a kid retrieve an object from the bottom of a full aquarium without getting his arm wet by sprinkling a certain powder on the surface... and when he illustrated the body's inability to hold a knife perfectly still in the air by bending a paper clip into a V so it straddled the knife and, with its ends touching a table, walked right off the end of the knife... and when he showed how a board can roll smoothly over two non-circular logs that were more like rounded triangles, because the diameter is the same at any angle through the center, keeping the board the same height above the ground as it rolls.

That man sure knew how to engage kids' minds. :)
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