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Awesome night.

And now that it's September... I definitely started the month off on the right foot! First of all, I have to admit that my group surprised me(the ones that showed up for the activity tonight)... they were extremely gung-ho about tonight's icebreaker (Maybe just 'cuz I said there'd be girls??)... And I had fun too... then there was the awesome night of music... I got bothDan Terry and Seth Horan to sign my CDs.... I saw Saul out of the corner of my eye at one point... but he was so involved in Go that I didn't bother to say hi... don't think he would have paid me much attention. Anyway, then I helped Dan get his stuff put away so now he owes us a T@C... hehehe... and then I went and watched the end of Seth Horan's set... very cool... that guy just rocks! Oh, and this guy Joel Ackerson jammed with him... his CD comes out "soon" when ever that may be... :-) I can't wait... Anyway... long night... must sleep... big day tomorrow, too.
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