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A Silly Morning.

Well, I woke up at 7am this morning 'cuz I had clean up duty in the FYE office that was to start at 9am and go until noon. Well, I get up get dressed get ready have breakfast and all that jazz and I head over to the OTHER SIDE OF CAMPUS. And as I'm pulling into the parking lot, I see lots of people in orange shirts walking TOWARDS me! And I'm thinking, ooh, look the welcome wagon! No. Turns out the whole shibang this morning was cancelled and that I now had nothing to do (for Orientation) until 2pm. *SCREEEEAAAMMM* Geez. You'd think they would e-mail us or something... a note on the door is so... so.... last century. Anyway, so I came back to the apartment(a different route, atleast) and then I sat and chilled and watched some TV(we have digital cable!!) for a while. Then I checked my e-mail(for about the 5th time this morning, I might add) and I see an e-mail about needing a notetaker for a class that I'm taking. Now I quicklyl weigh the pros and cons of being a notetaker in my head and then I decided to head over to the office (08-A170) and see if they still need me. They don't. Oh well... so how far have I ridden on my bike today? I wish I knew. Oh. Here's a list of things I need for my bike:
Lights or Reflectors
basket type thing and bungee cords.

That is all. I'm going to try and put together a website now. Hopefully.
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