Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Netflix & a contest to enter

EDIT: I was going to post this to freestuff but the queue is backed up and I don't feel like waisting all this typing. I'll probably try to post it again later.

Free Netflix trial:
I got this in the mail, so I don't know if this is one-use or what. I haven't used it, though, so at least one person here will be able to take advantage of it! (Also, not sure how long the free trial is for)
Trial Code: V80013407

ValPak - "You could win a delicious adventure in PARIS!"
Go to
click on the purple-ish animated square image that says something like "CLICK you could win" and other information about the trip... it is sponsored by nwa WorldVacation and the new movie Ratatouille. You can enter once per day.
Tags: free
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