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There are lots of HP:OotP movies spoilers ahead... DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVEN"T SEEN THE MOVIE!

Here's the link to her review --


This post was originally intended to be a comment on her post, but it got obscenely long, so I thought I'd better post it seperately... hope you are reading this!

I am finally getting around to reading this post since I've seen the
movie now. I think that David Yates did the best job directing since
the Chris Columbus days. I really liked the general feel of the movie
and such. That being said....

- Umbridge. She was just ... not right at all.
I liked the way Umbridge was portrayed. No, it was not exactly the
same Umbridge as Book!Umbridge, but she was sickly sweet, generally
evil, and got carried off by the centaurs. Honestly, I was really
waiting for the Umbridge/Centaur scene. And it was awesome.

- Sirius's death. Just ... no.
I totally agree. I'm not sure why they had to do it this way.
Definitely not as emotional, and more final than in the book. It did
build up the hatred for Bella, though.

- Harry and Cho's kiss
Was wayyyy too long and gratuitous. I'm sitting there thinking, WHO
CARES LETS MOVE ON! Bah. Not a fan of the whole harry/cho thing

We get to see the photo of the old Order (shown to us by Sirius),
which gives us Neville's parents and a very shaggy looking Remus Lupin

Can not WAIT to get this on DVD and pause and look at the photo. :) I
really liked this touch. I also liked that Mr. Weasley gave it to
him. It was a subtle change, but I think it reinforced the bond they
have in the movies. (ie, Mr. Weasley telling Harry about Sirius in

- Ron and Hermione being Prefects
It bothered me that this got left out. How hard would it have been to
throw in a few lines and pin badges on their chests? Bah.

- Ginny's personality. And her boyfriends.
It was not talked about, but at the meeting in the Hogs Head she was
with Micheal(I suppose it was a boy that was supposed to be Micheal)
and then when they are getting on the train at the end, she is with
Dean. You had to be watching to catch it.

- The fact that Trelawney made the prophesy

No one said "Trelawney made the prophesy", but it was her image and voice.

- St Mungo's, including Lockhart and Neville's parents
I figured this would get cut. I would have liked to see it, though.

- The reappearance of "Nigel" who seems to have replaced the Creevey
brothers entirely.

Is this even a character from the book? I did find that weird.

- The fact that Kreacher betrayed Sirius.
I don't know why they bothered spending the money putting Kreacher
into the movie if they weren't going to use him in the plot. BAH!

- Harry's talk with Nearly-Headless Nick.

Well, it wasn't really needed since Sirius was AK'ed. Sigh.

- Smooth and stylish Voldemort

Truly bizarre, but I loved it! Totally creepy. I think I liked it
because it was the personification of EVIL IS SEXY. Okay, maybe not.
Is it wrong that I was attracted to Voldie in a suit? :-P

- Neville randomly discovers the Room of Requirement.
Yeah, that was weird. I did like how Ron got to talk about toilets,
though. Even if that was originally from another book and it was
Dumbledore saying it.

- Arthur hanging out in the Hall of Prophesy when he gets attacked.

Really? I didn't even notice this! Weird.

- Sirius calling Harry "James" during the battle.
I LOVED this touch. I really think it worked.

Anyway, I liked the movie way more than I liked the book (I hate
angst). I loved the cat-plates on Umbridge's walls. I liked the
overall feel of the movie. The flow was pretty crappy, though, and I
wouldn't recommend anyone watch it without having read the books
through at least once. My boyfriend was having trouble keeping up and
he read them a few years ago (yes, I know he is not obsessed. this is
not his fandom.).

The one thing that bothered me to no end, is that Hagrid was supposed
to be putting dragon meat on his face. What would have been so
difficult in tinting that damn steak green?!?!?! But seriously, that
was my biggest complaint. :-)


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Jul. 19th, 2007 06:37 am (UTC)
I'm finally getting a chance to see the film later this afternoon, so I'll read the review later, but THANK YOU! I was absolutely dumbfounded that NO ONE of my friends list had so much as MENTIONED the movie, let alone written any sort of review!
Jul. 19th, 2007 01:29 pm (UTC)
It's the best movie since Chamber of Secrets, IMHO, so I hope you enjoy it! :-)

I think a lot of people are afraid of spoiling someone. That's why I put in all the spoiler remarks. :)
Jul. 19th, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
I Basically agree with you on this stuff...

I really wanted to see ron and hermione as prefects, i really wanted to see the weasly siblings "he got off" dance and mrs. weasly's snapping at them. I was unsure about Umbridge. I like how they made Kingsly "really African" I didn't like Mrs. Figg, she wasn't... crotchety enough for me. I liked Tonks. But my favorite new character is without a doubt Luna. The actress that played her was RIGHT ON!
Jul. 19th, 2007 04:25 pm (UTC)
There was a lot of little stuff that I wanted to see that I knew just wasn't going to make it into the final cut (hopefully there will be some deleted scenes of some things!!!).. but that's what happens when you squeeze such a long, action packed book into 2-ish hours. LOVED LOVED LOVED Luna! The actress is a big harry potter fan, so I was really glad to see that she nailed it.
Jul. 24th, 2007 03:06 am (UTC)
I should have reread the book before seeing the movie. But when? :(

I actually thought Luna looked perfect but wasn't quite whacky enough.

The movie overall felt kind of dry to me. I left feeling the same way I did when I came in. No emotion at all.

I agree about Sirius's death. I wanted some umph.
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