Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

A Review: Running In Heels, by Anna Maxted

Running in Heels is not the book you think it is. The cover art, the blurbs, and the back cover all make it out to be a fluf-piece. A work of chick-lit. And it was. For the first 40 pages. And then, it became real.

The story revolves around Natalie... who's life falls apart around her. She blames everyone but herself, even though she is the only one who is to blame. Natalie's life reels out-of-control. Her every-day problems, are the problems of every woman (and some men), except they are magnified 100x and it seems everything must happen at once.

Maxted's writing style draws you into Natalie's life. Natalie speaks to you with a weary and worn voice, until she eventually finds her strong, confident voice. Maxted wonderfully conveys the world from Natalie's warped point-of-view. You are so drawn to Natalie, you fail to realize how she is viewed by the other's in her life. Even their dialog is interspersed with Natalie's running commentary.

Running in Heels is "'Charming, intelligent, and often hilarious.' - Washington Post Book World."

Running in Heels is also the failure story that every woman fears will become her own and the success story that most only dream of.
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