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must... write.... journal... entry....

Okay, so today was pretty good. Except it was really hot earlier. I got the paper work for getting certified for SG van driving... looks like there is a lot involved in the process. And so, I was riding my bike around in the HEAT during the peak hours of the day. I'm so smart. :-P So then I had a torilla pizza for lunch and then I did some homework and then I went to Econ. class, where I found out that I am about a week behind on work for the class that only started on Thursday. How exactly did that happen?!?!? And then Data Analysis was boring as heck, but I'm seeing it as a blessing 'cuz that means that I can put all of my energy into Econ. So then I came home, had a fast dinner and worked on Econ. and pulled much of my hair out. Next I was off to the first RIT Players meeting of the quarter! Very exciting!!! We went to Perkins after the long meeting. I got a ride with a very cool guy named Ron from Peculiar, MO. Kinda near Kansas City. And got to hang out with Matt and Eugene, who were as crazy as usual. I didn't realize that I missed them so much! Anyway, Perkins was great... I had the Heath Crunch Pie... very good. And we were so obnoixious... we tipped well, though. I think.

Oh, so then! I had ridden my bike to the Players meeting, so I figured I'd have Ron drop me off, and I'd just ride my bike home. No big deal, right? yeah, right. Guess what it was doing when we came out of Perkins? RAINING! It hasn't rained since I've been up here, and it chooses tonight, when I had to ride my bike back from the SAU to rain. bah. I'm going to put on some nice warm pjs from the dryer and attempt sleep, so that I can get up early tomorrow and do work. Let's hope.
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