Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

This morning

This morning, Albert's boyscout troop was hosting a chicken barbecue fundraiser. I was given the task of dropping off the money for the meals that Albert sold and my parents left me a ticket for a meal as well, so yay for free lunch! For those of you who don't know what a chicken barbecue is, I'll describe. A HUGE amount of chicken halves are cooked over an even larger charcoal grill. Baked potatoes wrapped in foil are also cooked in the coals. Each meal consists of a chicken half (decent size - breast, wing, leg, thigh), a baked potato, a soft roll, a container of apple sauce, and some butter. When I got my meal home, I opened one of the butter containers and it was completely liquefied. I'm guessing this is what happens to butter when kept in the sun on a 97F degree day. :-P It was delightful when poured over my potato, though. :-P

Before coming home after going to the chicken barbecue, I stopped at the Sugar Shack - a candy shop in Hummelstown. Since I was in high school, they relocated to a larger building in town, but they are no longer in a central location, so it seems like they don't get as much walk-in traffic as they used to (especially on days after school). The prices are pretty good and they tend to have the weird type things. I picked up a few things - felt like supporting a local business in getting my sugar fix. :-P I find their selection amusing.. they have fudge and handmade chocolates that are $10+ a pound, and then they have marshmallow things that are exact replicas of hot dogs (man, those looked nasty!). Gotta cater to everyone, I guess! They also do a lot of wedding/shower favors. Seems like their prices are extremely reasonable, too. Gotta remember that.
Tags: life
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