Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

A Request!

I haven't posted many pictures of my apartment, mostly because all the stuff that I wanted to do to make it feel like "home" hasn't been finished yet! Particularly things like hanging pictures and posters are going to make it feel homey-er than it feels now.

My kitchen has a huge blank wall in it. Since I sit in there quite frequently and stare at said wall, I'm using the wall has a art/picture/photo/postcard gallery. What I have so far is in this picture:

It's hard to tell in the picture, but there are a few nails that the previous resident placed sporadically across the wall - so I put kite string between them and hung these pictures and postcards on binder clips. I think the effect is pretty nifty, but it'll look even cooler if the wall is FULL (I've got more string and nails). SO! Send me nifty stuff! I want to be able to look at the wall and see all YOU nifty people that are part of my life. Anything will be welcome as long as it is small enough to be hung on a string with a binderclip and looking at it won't make me lose my lunch. :-P

And since most of you don't have my new address, here it is!

8059 Somerset St.
Apartment K
Hummelstown, PA

(ps, don't worry if you've sent something to my old address recently, I'm still getting mail there)
Tags: apartment, decorating, life
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