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Well, I've been doing it again... I don't post anything here anymore... what's wrong with me?!?!? Blah... I've been doing so much stuff... and at the same time, I haven't been doing much. I finished my first IDM project.. I'm satisfied with it, but it's not up to my usual high-standards... I think I will be able to do better next time around, 'cuz I learned from all my mistakes this time!(You can't import film loops into a different .dir file in Director!! GAH!!)....
Yeah, so I was just distracted from this entry for about half an hour and I've totally lost my train of thought.....

"Train of thought has just left the station. Chuga-chuga chuga-chuga chuga-chuga chuga-chuga choo choo!" - Ryan Jones

So, anyway... I'll just quickly document the last few social gatherings I've been to:
Thursday: I tryed out for Encore! after Singers Rehearsal.. then on the way back from that, I ran into, Mia(from last year's show), and Fritz with a cute-guy from Singers that I don't know... it's great to run into people I know..it makes me feel special.
Friday: I was randomly invited to the BCS party... Fun stuff... maybe I'll post more about that later.
Saturday: Big Tree concert for concessions, stepped into the dance party and danced with Suzy for a bit, and then Cards at our apt. after that.... we played my new fav. card game, Hollywood Rummy.
Sunday: Church...(haven't stopped thinking about Hans). Then home and nothing 'til I convinced Dan to come out of his room... and we played Mancala.. fun stuff... and I finally got to watch The Music Man! I'd never seen it before! Thank you, Heather! Now I can watch the new version that is going to go straight to TV(starring Matthew Broderick, my love).. and I can say that the original was better. (Speaking of which, I can't wait to go see Chicago when it opens!!!!)... And then of course,
Monday: Borders! woo-hoo... we played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, which we haven't done in forever... I don't have the cards memorized any more... blah. And we ended with a crazy game of Egyptian Rat Screw... fun night... and now I'm exhausted. :-P



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